CP for sale, USA only

From: Matty Sundewseed (sundew@hotmail.com)
Date: Mon Aug 30 1999 - 08:17:35 PDT

Date: Mon, 30 Aug 1999 15:17:35 GMT
From: "Matty Sundewseed" <sundew@hotmail.com>
To: cp@opus.hpl.hp.com
Message-Id: <aabcdefg3082$foo@default>
Subject: CP for sale, USA only

U.S.A. Growers only...

Hi CP-growing friends,

Got another ridiculous electric bill last month (thanks to my plants) and
would like to sell off a few more spare CP to others in the U.S. to offset
my costs and make some more room as soon as possible.

D.adelae, D.capillaris (Brazil, D.capensis (typical wide leafed form),
D.natalensis 'Zimbabwe, ChimanimaniMnts', D.paradoxa,
D.sp.8 Borneo, D.scorpioides, D.occidentalis x nitidula, D."helodes"
possible wrong ID, D.sp.Carbarup, Utricularia nephrophylla, U.prehensilis,
U.graminifolia, Cephalotus follicularis,
vigorous Mexican Pinguicula - maybe moranensis x elhersae.

Please email me for more details asap. Looking forward to hearing from you!
  Thanks a lot and happy growing!


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