Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area

From: Joseph Kinyon (corruscate@vivazapata.com)
Date: Mon Aug 16 1999 - 09:07:53 PDT

Date: Mon, 16 Aug 1999 09:07:53 -0700
From: "Joseph Kinyon" <corruscate@vivazapata.com>
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Subject: Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area

I've checked the area out on the map, and it is one of the few places on the
West Coast that I haven't been. A few suggestions for leads. There is a
botanist for that area, find out who it is
and ask them a few questions. That person would be a National Forest
resource management biologist. Try finding the national forest service
office for that area, the same one you'll need to get fire permits, camping
suggestions, and the place you should leave your travel itinerary for
safety. The University of Oregon in Eugene should have a someone on staff
that has been there done that. It will take about 10 phone calls, but that's
where I'd start (and of course here).

The way the habitat works in that area can be tricky. The bog and the
sedum habitat, in some spots, could be right next to each other, or miles
apart. A valuable person to contact would be Hawkeye Rondeau. He has poked
around this side of the world quite a bit. He lives in San Jose, however
I've lost all e-mail and contact information for him, and would like to know
it if you find (or anyone reading this knows it). His information is
especially helpful if you have a GPS. When are you going? Where are you
coming from?

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> Subject: Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Oregon Plant Sites
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> This is being sent to both the succulent and carnivorous plants
> listservs,
> please excuse the duplication. I am planning a visit to a botanist's
> paradise, the remote, geologically complex, little known and
> lesser traveled
> Kalmiopsis Wilderness Area, located in the Siskiyou National Forest of
> Southwestern Oregon. If anyone can share specific experiences relating to
> good succulent and CP places kindly let me know. Succulents known to grow
> there include Sedum laxum and oreganum, as well as Senecio canus,
> hesperius
> and triangularis. Carnivorous Plants which occur there include
> Darlingtonia
> californica, Drosera rotundifolia and Pinguicula vulgaris ssp.
> macroceras. It
> is big, strenuous country, so a point in the right direction
> would be greatly
> appreciated if you have ever visited. TIA, John Fries a/k/a Son of a Ph.D.

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