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Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 09:38:59 PDT

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From: Chris Teichreb <>
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Subject: RE: Slow growing Nepenthes

Hi Christer,

> Hi Chris,
> Thanks for the help. Do you know if any studies been done to examine if
> an overdose of these hormones can cause cellular damage in plants, or
> disrupt a plants metabolism?

        Most of the tc articles test different levels of hormones giving
reports back on what comnbination produced the best response in terms of
growth. I'm sure there has been studies that have looked at the direct
harmful effects of hormones on plant metabolism.

> The reason I'm asking all these question is that I have a tissue
> cultured nepenthes that show signs of cytokinen damage. So I'm trying to
> find out is if the damage is irreparable or if it's possible to nurse
> this plant back to normal health.

        Usually too much cytokinen results in a proliferation of
shoots. They keep producing shoots for several months, but often seem to
recover after that. If you're lucky, you can just cut off the extra
shoots and have about a dozen plants by the time it's stopped

> Thanks again,
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> Christer Berglund
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Good luck!


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