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Date: Mon Jun 14 1999 - 09:44:40 PDT

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Subject: re: snails and utrics, etc

Hi Ed and all,

        While I agree that the apple snails are a bad choice for
aquatic plants (they'll even eat tough plants like Vallisneria and
Anubias), I don't think you want to try pond snails either, for that
exact reason. From my experience, they're just as bad as the apple

        I've had good luck with the ramshorns (reddish, looks like a
rams horn!), and the livebearing Malaysian snail. The livebearing
snails will overrun a tank under good conditions, but you can just
fish out the extras (no pun intended). The Otocinclus would be my
choice for fish that control algae, black mollies tend to get a bit
big and will eat plants if there's not enough algae.

        For really detailed advice, check out the krib. I think the
web address is or A search will bring
it up quickly. Follow the aquatic plant link.

> container with a piece of the plant as a test and monitor for @48
hours. If > the snail eats the plant you have your answer. I would
recommend trying small > ramshorn snails or "pond" snails (Physallis
I think). If the water > temperature is going to remain above 72 F
you might consider octocinctus > catfish. In my experience they
feed on algaes well and do not disturb plants. > Ed Kowalski >

Happy growing!


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