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Date: Fri May 28 1999 - 07:26:07 PDT

Date: Fri, 28 May 1999 10:26:07 -0400
From: Brewer Charles E PHDN <>
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Subject: RE: Venus flytraps in Mississippi

 I would like to add some suggestion to growing VFTs. Over the last 30 years
of growing these plants, I have switched from the tray method to using large
pots with excellent results. I use pots that don't have bottom holes in
them. This allows me to the to drill one or two small drain holes in the
bottom of the pot, allowing the water to seep out slowly and naturally. The
soil stays fresher longer and provides just the right amount of moisture to
last several days. One big advantage of using large pots, allows these
plant to grow to their fullest potential without restrictions. A 10 to 12
inch pot may sound like an over kill until you have tried it. Top dress your
pot with sphagnum, small pine chips, chopped up pine needles or what ever,
don't limited yourself to just one VFT per pot, add a few other sun loving
CPs and you have a nice display that will last several years before having
to change out the soil. Additionally, I use this method for Sarrs, Cephs,
Pings, and Droseras. It works better then anything I have used accept an
outdoor bog. I also use more sand then peat in my mix. Although 50/50 peat
to sand works great, I prefer using a 60/40 ratio, sand to peat. This seems
to hold just the right amount of moisture, still allowing the soil to drain
naturally. Adding more peat to your mix may keep your soil wetter longer, I
tend to like refreshing the water in the soil every other day during summer,
or maybe it's an excuse to spend more time with these wonderful plants. Hope
this helps.
Charles Brewer
Va. Beach, Va.

> Toni,
> I grow VFT's just fine here in St. Louis (which isn't quite as hot
> and humid as Mississippi, but it's close!) I like a 50-50
> mixture of peat moss and silica sand (white builder's sand). Use
> rainwater or distilled water. During the hot weather, you'll need to
> keep a large saucer of water under the plant, BUT don't let it always
> sit in that water. Venus flytraps resent being constantly
> waterlogged, and they will rot in our heat and humidity if kept
> constantly in water. When it's not that hot (70's to 80's), I don't
> use a tray; I just water them well daily. When it is hot (90's to
> 100's), I use a water tray, and often the heat is enough that the
> water will be gone by evening. That works out well; just refill in
> the morning. If it doesn't evaporate on its own daily, you need to be
> sure that it dries out at least once or twice a week. Just be sure
> that the soil doesn't dry out too! You only want the tray to dry up.
> Susan Farrington
> Missouri Botanical Garden
> P.O. Box 299
> St. Louis MO 63166-0299
> (314)577-9402

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