Re: Aldrovanda vesiculosa and Utricularia for sale

Date: Tue May 04 1999 - 03:00:06 PDT

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 11:00:06 +0100
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Subject: Re: Aldrovanda vesiculosa and Utricularia for sale

                                          FOR SALE

     Institute of Botany in Trebon, Czech Republic, offers for sale:

A) Aldrovanda vesiculosa turions for CP growers, scientific or Nature
Conservation organizations, for cultivation or (re)introduction
activities. The plants from East Poland are cultivated outdoors.
They will be sent by post mail, as turions enclosed in a tiny PE
tube, from November to May.

     Price: 5 USD (or 8 DM)/turion + postage 6 USD (or 10 DM);
 minimum order: 10 turions; any order over 50 turions: price 3
USD/turion (or 5 DM). For the cultivation instructions see
the paper by L. Adamec (1997): "How to grow Aldrovanda vesiculosa
outdoors" in the special issue of CPN 26: 85-88. The instructions may
be sent on request.

B) Australian (sub)tropical Aldrovanda vesiculosa plants for indoor
cultivation. As dependent on light conditions these plants can be
red. Plants from an indoor culture of two Australian populations are
available (they are probably the same):
a) Subtropical: East-coast Australia, S. of Sydney, NSW;
b) Tropical: S. of Darwin, NT.
     The Australian plants grow over the whole year at temperatures
above 18 oC and do not form turions. In temperate regions, they may
also be grown outdoors over summer season. Apical segments ca. 4 cm
long are sent by post mail in plastic vials or tubes, from March to
November, when outdoor temperature is above 5 oC. Unpublished growing
instructions can be sent on request.

     Price: 8 USD (or 13 DM)/plant + postage 6 USD (or 10 DM);
minimum order (regardless of the populations): 4 plants.

C) Turions of European temperate aquatic Utricularia species for
outdoor cultivation: U. australis, U. bremii. Turions
are sent by post mail in tiny PE tubes, from November to June.

     Price: 2 USD (or 3 DM)/turion + postage 6 USD (or 10 DM);
minimum order (regardless of the species): 10 turions.

     Invoice will be sent by the Institute of Botany. Payment should
be realised as personal money order or direct sending
the due sum in cash, in registered letter to the below address.
Checks or cards are not acceptable. Payment in advance prior to
sending the plants is welcome.

     Contact address: Lubomir ADAMEC
                                 Institute of Botany,
                                 Dukelska 145,
                                 CZ-379 82 TREBON,
                                 Czech Republic
tel.+420-333-721156; fax -721136; E-mail

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