Wisconsin Pitcher plants

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Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 03:05:51 PDT

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Subject: Wisconsin Pitcher plants

Hello =^..^=

We received the S. purpurea ssp. purpurea a couple days ago, It was the
like Christmas all over again.
I've never had the Northern pitcher plants only the Southern type , the
Northern type this is different more roots and a much smaller rhizome that's
weird . So I planted them in the them ground just right into my bog that
was made in the yard it stays wet most of the year, last spring I planted 4
Sarracenia that I got from Don , :~)
they went through the cold winter and now only 2 are alive. I'm hoping
to see if I can keep the Wisconsin pitcher plants alive since they love cold
climate .
We are going to try the Sundews & Venus fly traps out doors year round, so
far its working =^..^=
 Pitcher plants growing in KY soil now ? My mother had kept this land 29
years and we never seen Sphagnum moss growing till last year WOW that's
wild no moss ever grow there till now !!!
We are adding more peat and sand next week I can't wait to see what will
Only those that never try have failed ! Make something happen !!!
I hope my son can enjoy these plants for years after to come.
He has a passion for plants i wonder were he got that from ? ><>Take
Care <><

Kind Regards,
Tom fritts

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