Green Swamp Trip

From: Nicholas Plummer (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 11:09:40 PDT

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 13:09:40 -0500
From: Nicholas Plummer <>
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Subject: Green Swamp Trip

Well, I had lots of fun getting mucky in the Green Swamp yesterday. A
big thank you to Jeff Welch, Jay Lechtman, and Philip Semanchuk for the
excellent directions. Since my time was limited, I only visited the
area around the TNC parking lot and pond, but there were lots of plants
to see. I should have brought more film.

Currently in bloom: Calopogon sp., Sarracenia flava, an aquatic
Utricularia species, a terrestrial Utric species (U. subulata?),
Pinguicula lutea, Pinguicula caerulea.

Visible, but not yet blooming: Two Drosera species (intermedia and
capillaris?), Sarracenia purpurea (one was in bud), Dionaea muscipula.

The location of some of the plants surprised me. The best Sarracenia
flavas were standing in several inches of water in the pond. Plants on
the bank were not flowering. The S. purpurea were in drier areas than
the S. flavas, which is the reverse of what I expected. The Pings also
seemed to avoid waterlogged areas and were growing mostly on raised
tussocks. The small rosetted Drosera were growing on bare, packed peat
in the middle of the trail.

I also found the skeleton of an opossum and the scattered bones of a
large mammal (either a deer or an unfortunate CP'er, I guess), but I
didn't see the giant VFT that was responsible.

Nicholas Plummer

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