Brazilian Droseras

From: David Bradley (
Date: Sun Apr 18 1999 - 06:03:38 PDT

Date: Sun, 18 Apr 1999 23:03:38 +1000
From: "David Bradley" <>
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Subject: Brazilian Droseras

Dear all
I am becoming interested in the various Drosera species that dwell in
Brazil, especially the beautiful D. graminifolia. I would like any advice
on how to raise this plant by seed, as well as the growing conditions etc.
I will be obtaining some seed from Allen Lowrie, so want to make the most
of it!I would also like to hear of any other Drosera in the Brazilian area
that may have a similar filiform - like leaf growth. Feel free to email me
privately if anyone wishes.

Thanks in advance

Yours Sarracenely

Nathan J. Clemens
NSW Australia

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