Nepenthes dying?

From: Adao Pereira (
Date: Sun Apr 11 1999 - 04:57:12 PDT

Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 12:57:12 +0100
From: "Adao Pereira" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1280$foo@default>
Subject: Nepenthes dying?


I need help! I think my biggest Nep is dying! I don't know what's
happening: all I see is that a few days ago the nervures of some leaves
started to turn brown... and the situation is getting worse. This does not
happen in oldest leaves, it seems it happens randomly. What's the problem?
I've been growing this plant for more than one year now, and it is 60 cm
tall, and I didn't change anything in its care. Is the terrarium too humid?
The truth is that I don't water the plant frequently, because the soil is
humid all the time and I see no need to water. But the plant is not sitting
in the water... the soil is just humid.
Is it rotting? What to do, then? Cut the stem and plant it?

Thanks, any help is appreciated,

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