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From: Seos mac Cárthaigh (Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE)
Date: Mon Mar 29 1999 - 02:13:49 PST

Date: Mon, 29 Mar 1999 10:13:49 +0000 (GMT)
From: Seos mac Cárthaigh <Seosamh.macCarthaigh@NUIGALWAY.IE>
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Subject: Re: Akai Ryu vs Royal red


I grow Akai Ryu and Royal Red in the same mix, side by side under the
same conditions (in seperate pots). My Akai Ryu plants are very
markedly larger and more robust than the Royal Reds, and their
petioles have been consistantly much broader. The Royal Red petioles
have been narrow regardless of season. I am quite surprized people
are unable to tell them apart.

I obtained my Royal Reds from two sources: Dave Evans years ago, and
via a friend with a friend at the university of Atlanta in Georgia,
where the Akai Ryu was developed. I don't have these latter RRs as
long (<2 years) so it will be interesting to compare the two sorts.

Perhaps there are Royal Reds that are just Akai Ryus that didn't
make the grade in Atlanta tc labs, and others that have been about
much much longer. Perhaps any VFT that expressed the red coloration
was labeled Royal Red regardless of other characteristics, and
perhaps these plants have been wrongly labeled Akai Ryus by some

Is there anyone who can talk to the people in Atlanta and get their
opinion? They must have had their reasons for making the

keep growing,

In Ireland where it is very sunny today, except for that cloud.. oh
is raining now..... summers over... :-(

> Hi all,
> If the only difference between the Royal red vft and Akai Ryu
> vft are trigger hair lengths, I don't think this warrants calling them
> different cultivar names. Hopefully these things will begin to sort
> themselves out as more cultivars are registered with the ICPS. Just my
> 2 cents worth.
> Happy growing,
> Chris
> On Sat, 27 Mar 1999 wrote:
> > Hi list !
> > I do have some other red VFT's that I have been growing for 2-3 years now:
> > Akai Ryu, Royal Red (=Red burgundy ?), Vulcanic Red, Red Sunset
> > But to be honest they look quite similar to me :-)
> > Does anybody know some tricks to tell them apart in case I mix up the labels
> > ? ;-)
> > Kind regards
> > Jens
> >
> > Jens,
> >
> > I have both and did not label mine(a mistake I never make anymore). I put
> > them in the same tank under the same lights and they looked identical after a
> > while.
> > At the last meeting of the Rocky Mountain CP Society, we had a guest
> > speaker from Australia(Andrew Thompson, I believe), who knew a lot about the
> > work done on creating the "Royal Red" VFT. He said(anyone else at that
> > meeting, please correct me if I am mistaken) that the middle trigger hair
> > inside the Royal Red was smaller than the other two on each side. All the
> > trigger hairs inside the Akai Ryu(Red Dragon) were the same length. I went
> > home and looked at mine, and found this to be seemingly true. The one I
> > believed was Royal Red(by where I had thought I had placed that plant in the
> > tank) has a smaller middle trigger hair on each side. Can anyone else look at
> > theirs and confirm this?
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Joe Griffin
> > Lincoln, Nebraska
> >
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