Nicotine as Insecticide

From: Chris Hind (
Date: Sun Mar 28 1999 - 23:26:00 PST

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 23:26:00 -0800
From: "Chris Hind" <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg996$foo@default>
Subject: Nicotine as Insecticide

Ive been told nicotine is a relatively safe insecticide for use on crop
plants as far as the plants are concerned (a different story with people).
So could I turn a packet of reds into a insecticide for aphids or whiteflys
or perhaps even scale and fungus if my CP tank ever had an epidemic? Sean
samia was also talking about some insecticide he made of tabasco sauce that
worked on everything except pings which it killed quite nicely. I'd
especially like to know of a homemade fungicide i could make because i
bought some peat on the cheap which keeps putting out this fungus which
makes patterns of 5 white dots in a circle.

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