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Date: Sun Mar 28 1999 - 14:29:26 PST

Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 17:29:26 -0500
From: "Davin Stewart" <>
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Subject: RE: raising humidity


If you've got a completely enclosed terrarium, you should have a very high
relative humidity. One of the things that can lower relative humidity is
heat. As the temperature increases relative humidity drops rather quickly.
I would reccommend trying the following steps:

1. Start taking max/min temperature and humidity readings in the tank,
if you aren't doing so already. You may be surprised by what you
discover. If you're in the US, I recommend a hygrometer/thermometer
made by Radio Shack that goes for about $20.

2. Remove the jar with the hot water heater. You are probably getting
plenty of heat from your lights. Most carnivorous plants are very happy at
room temperature. In fact, the biggest problem I've had with my terrariums
has been excess heat buildup.

3. Increase the size of your tank. For some reason, I've noticed that
the larger my tanks, the easier they are to manage in terms of higher
humity/lower temperature.

4. Ventilate the tank by attaching some variety of cool mist humidifier.
Ultrasonic units will provide the highest humidity level but are difficult
to find. Any unit that does not warm the water would be adequate, however.

5. If your tank is larger enough, place a miniture swamp cooler inside.
I have a large tank (~150 gallons) and have placed one of these things
inside. It seems to increase humidity by about 10% and reduce
temperature by about 5 degrees F. I picked mine up at Home Depot. I'll
see if I can get a brand and model name.

Investigate the instructions on constructing a terrarium and minimizing
heat buildup on the ICPS's Carnivorous Plants FAQ. The instructions and
very explicit and helpful. You can find them at this site:

Good luck,

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