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EEK! Sorry, all, for the previous public post, how foolish of me. I'm red!



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> Howdy folks, Peter here at California Carnivores...
> I have several things to mention briefly.
> Ten Speed Press called me this morning with good news. The Savage
> Garden
> has won the Book of the Year Award from the American Horticultural
> Society.
> Since all of our employees are off today, except me, I had no one to share
> this with, so y'all are the first to hear the news!
> I have also been informed that the photo of D. slackii in the book
> on
> page 132, taken by Chuck Ratzke, has been turned into a 1000 piece jigsaw
> puzzle by a company called BePuzzled, a manufacturer of games, and will be
> released this summer. What a puzzle it will make, too!
> I am also happy to report that Sarracenia x 'Judith Hindle', one of
> the
> most beautiful American Pitcher Plants yet produced, is now available at
> California Carnivores. The tissue cultured plants arrived two weeks ago,
> are
> very vigorous and larger than most TC plants, but are still on the green
> side,
> with pitchers averaging about 4 inches in height. They look beautiful and
> will turn spectacular when adjusted to full sun. They are 14.95 each
> (plus
> shipping etc.). This plant will eventually be available worldwide
> through
> Agri Starts in Florida. Marilee and I tried for 8 years to get her in
> flask,
> and Ron Gagliardo succeeded this task two years ago. She is a gorgous
> plant,
> the most popular of ANY plant we have on display at the nursery. For a
> really
> good photo of her, check out the CPN for March and June of 1993, where she
> was
> registered. The photo in The Savage Garden, as nice as it is, was taken
> early
> in the season before she turns fully burgundy in color. Hats off to Alan
> Hindle who produced her, and Ron for his work on this clonal cultivar.
> Please send warm weather to California! Gotta go-I have tons of
> watering to do!
> Th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! Peter

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