Re: Suplemental Feeding

Date: Sat Mar 20 1999 - 07:05:20 PST

Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 10:05:20 EST
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Subject: Re: Suplemental Feeding

<< Yes, we've had several discussions about using fish food on the sever.
Basically, all you need to do is look on the label for the nutritional values
and pick out the foods highest in proteins, lowest in fats. There are several
types of fish food that you can use, and I'm sure some plants are better with
a certain type than with others. I think you would find it easier to use
dried tubifex worms as they come dried out, but pressed into neat little cubes
and are very easy to handle, chop into small pieces for baby plants, ect, or
toss a couple cubes into really big traps. Blood worms can
be pretty messy, but you can use them too. You'll need a funnel for big
traps, BTW, they don't look nice when they get stuck all over where ever
nectar is present. >>

I do remember discussions in the past, but trying to scan through all my
archived files didn't appeal to me. The reason I mentioned bloodworms
specifically is that most of the fish foods (flakes, pellets, etc.) I saw
contained a LARGE percentage of vegetable matter, and lots of added
chemicals/nutrients. I figured the worms are basically 100% "animal matter",
so they should be better. I did see tubifex worm cubes also, but I had never
heard of them before, so I decided to "go with" the blood worms as an
experiment. YES (!) they are a pain to get into smaller Nepenthes pitchers
without getting all gooked-up in the nectar. Feeding the purpureas was much

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