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Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 08:35:37 PST

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 11:35:37 -0500
From: "Mellard, David" <>
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Subject: RE: Tank Accessories

Hi Eric,

A natural way to solve this problem is to have high and low areas of your
mix in the tank.

>The second problem is I'm looking for a way to measure the humidity in the
> tank.
Nurseries will have humidistats but many of them use a strand of horse hair
to measure the humidity. The instruments become inaccurate after a while.
I add charcoal to the bottom of the tank and some in the mix and keep an
inch or two layer of water. That and a small computer fan will gives high
humidity. I can tell because the Nepenthes always pitcher, that is, until
the leaves grow out of the tank.


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