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Date: Tue Mar 16 1999 - 15:32:38 PST

Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 18:32:38 -0500
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Subject: RE: Tank Accessories

> The second problem is I'm looking for a way to
> measure the humidity in the tank. I've visited
> several nurseries in the area and have come up with
> nothing so far. I live in a good size city, so
> there most be a store somewhere that carries such an
> item.

Hi Eric,
You need to visit us here in the thriving metropolis of Durham NC. Our local
Radio Shack sells two different hygrometers. The cheap version is about $25.
The more expensive one is about $35 (?) and will record min/max humidity in
a 24 hour period and maybe does a couple of other things too. Both require
batteries, something like 2 AAs. Edmund Scientific has a hygrometer that you
can order from their Web site (I think I had to search on "humidity" to find
it). According to them, it does not use batteries and is accurate to +/-3%.
It costs more than either of the RS versions and with shipping & handling
comes out to about $50 I think. In addition, they're out of stock now and
you might have to wait a few weeks to get one. I've got one on order myself;
if you want I can email you (or the group, if this is of general interest)
when I get it to tell you what I think.

Spring update:
S. flava has a half dozen flower spikes on it and should really take off
with the 70 degree temps hit later this week!

Good growing,
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