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Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 11:03:43 PST

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From: Madeleine Groves <>
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Subject: Permits, CITES, etc

Dear All,

I have been reading the few discussions about in vitro imports of cps and
the necessity for permits. Please check with your CITES scientific
authority (US Fish and Wildlife Service in US and Dept of Environment in UK
for example) before you import in vitro cps without phytosanitary permits
or CITES permits. For example, I think in vitro Nepenthes being imported
into the UK are on Annex A (includes CITES Appendix I plants) and Annex B
(includes CITES Appendix II plants) and are NOT exempt from permits. ONLY
when there is an annotation attached to the Appendices, as in the case of
in vitro orchids, can you export/import free of permits. The orchid
annotation reads 'seedling or tissue cultures obtained in vitro, in solid
or liquid media, transported in sterile containers are not controlled until
removed from such containers'. Check with the appropriate authorities. Laws
change, CITES members may have stricter laws (e.g. the European Union) and
info on this listserve is not always correct.

So that we finally get this settled once and for all, I am writing an
article for CPN on CITES and other legislation relevant to cpers. I would
like to know your experiences of such legislation and what sort of info is
useful to you, where you have found problems, or your ideas on how to work
towards updating the appendices and making trade easier for the legal
transactions. Please, no moan-fest. The CITES Plants Committee meets this
year (approx. 9-10 months prior to the next CITES Conference of the Parties
(COP) scheduled for Nairobi, 2000). Your comments will be forwarded to the
relevant committee members attending that meeting. They may well be
discussing updating the Appendices with respect to cps so be constructive.
I know all the stories about how CITES inhibits conservation, how it makes
collecting a pain and how 'other' countries are impossible to work with -
I'm looking for any ideas on how to amend the Appendices, etc. It's not
going to happen overnight. Bit by bit.

Many thanks.

Mad xx

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