Ping Disappearance

Date: Fri Mar 05 1999 - 08:24:25 PST

Date: Fri, 5 Mar 1999 16:24:25 -0000
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Subject: Ping Disappearance

Hi all!

When I first started collecting CP's about 9 years ago, I first tried to
read up on the subject. The first book I found was "Carnivorous Plants" A
Wisley Handbook,
by the R.H.S. This showed me the wonders of the many species and variety's
of CP's there were, not just the humble VFT. Anyway, to my point, on page
46, there is a mysterious pinguicula called Alfredae, a very odd plant that
has tubular leaves that are shaped like erect noodles!
The thing is I have never seen a picture off this plant again, anywhere,
also as far as everyones lists in all the books, there is no P. Alfredae,
it does'nt seem to exist.
At the time I bought it, the author's name meant nothing to me, but now I
know who Paul Temple is.. I was wondering if he can explain himself!
Cheers anyway for any contribution anyone has on this mindless meandering,
oh yeah, I hope everone (Well not everyone, obviously) who can make it will
visit our little old stand (British CPS) at the Chelsea Flower Show in May,
I hope to make lots of maillist contacts in person.
Cheers, Neil
               Chilly Northumberland, England.

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