RE: seeds and cp societies

Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 16:02:47 PST

Date:          Thu, 4 Mar 1999 16:02:47 
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Subject:       RE: seeds and cp societies

Dear David,

> >How did the seeds look like? If they were fusiform, you can be
> >sure it was *not* _D. kaieteurensis_.
> >
> There's has to be a website somewhere that has the definition for fusiform
> <gr>

If the testa (seed coat) does have two tail-like appendages above and
below the embryo, the seeds are called fusiform. If these appendages
are missing or small, the seeds are ovoid or ellipsoid.

> >If your plants are still alive, they will perhaps flower some nice day, and
> you can obtain an unambiguous
> >identification without having to rely on accurate collection data.
> I take it you're volunteering to ID an alcohol-preserved, or pressed flower
> that I will send to you <another grin>.

I would prefer alcohol-preserved material (preferably with a whole
scape, showing the curvature and possible hairs at its base, open
flowers, ripe fruits, and at least one whole leaf with stipule).

Flower colours are washed out by alcohol. Please note the colour on
the vial. If you know where the plants were collected (in the field),
please note that, too.

Kind regards

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