From: Loyd Wix (
Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 05:30:41 PST

Date: 04 Mar 1999 13:30:41 Z
From: Loyd Wix <>
Message-Id: <aabcdefg666$foo@default>
Subject: Brasil

          Hey Fernando,
>Loyd, I'll really be looking forward to your possible visit
>in August/September. Be sure to leave some extra time for
>me to take you to see some CPs, OK?
          I have already started negotiations with my wife!
          After your postings over the past couple of years and your
          slides at Reading, I don't intend to fly all the way to Sao
          Paulo and only see yet another airport and ice cream
          factory! Even your stories of fly larvae which love to bore
          into legs/testicles etc hasn't put me off. I will however
          bring the strongest insect repellent I can find, always wear
          long trousers with a pair of bicycle clips for added

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