Pings in Spain

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Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 05:29:19 PST

Date: 04 Mar 1999 13:29:19 Z
From: Loyd Wix <>
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Subject: Pings in Spain

          Hey Seos,
>I'll be in Spain from the 4th-18 May. I am going to be
>heading south from Madrid (itinary to be decided) and then
>up to Cantabria/Picos de Europa staying close to Santander.
>I hope it'll be a good time to see pings flowering, would
>anyone recommend any places in particular to visit? In the
>south I would love to see Drosophyllum.
          In the Cantabrican mountains you will find P.grandiflora and
          P.vulgaris though you've got plenty of these growing on your
          own door step! You will notice that the Cantabrican
          P.grandiflora are probably a darker coloured flower than
          you're used to. If you can head East to the Pyrennees and to
          the Ordessa National Park you will find P.longifolia ssp
          longifolia - there is also the peculiar Rio Ara plants
          (possible P.l.ssp.l/P.g. interograde). Heading South depends
          on your itinerary but there are plenty more Pings to see,
          the recently described P.mundi,
          P.l.dertosensis/P.dertosensis the 'Hoz de Beteta' Pinguicula
          not forgetting the giant P.vallisneriifolia and if you go to
          the very far south - P.nevardensis.
          The long leafed Pinguicula are cliff or gorge dwelling so
          inhabiting a quite different environments to your native
          Irish species.
          Gordon Wells in Madrid is probably a good contact for
          Drosophyllum - I seem to remember him visiting sights for
          this species some years ago. (Gordon send me your address
          and those seed will be in the post.)
          Let me know if you need further info.
          Kind regards

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