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Date: Thu Mar 04 1999 - 05:19:35 PST

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Dear Perry & Dave,

You guys are certainly getting more tolerant of my "opinion" problem :-)

In response to Perry's email, I am in total agreement with you on something
you plants also slow down terribly when it gets cold ...and
certainly repotting has the ability to set plants back...but my point was
that they come back to speed when temperatures return to normal and after
they acclimate to a new pot they begin growing again (usually 2-4 weeks).
I am not saying that plants don't suffer in these conditions, but they have
never died on me. Even a bicalc that lost over 70% of its leaf mass due to
a 45 degree night has put out tremendous new growth since.

Also I agree with what Dave mentioned on outdoor grown plants. I am
convinced that the plants probably acclimate to more severe environmental
conditions being outside. Here in South Florida, plants are subjected to
absolutely outrageous heat conditions in the spring, summer and fall, and
in the winter things become milder (but leaning to they cold side at
night). Plants are thrashed around by powerful thunderstorms throughout
the year and high winds during tropical storms and hurricanes. I believe
this environment is similar to what occurs in the wild.

The only things that I do with Nepenthes plants that I believe gives them
and edge on growing capacity is...I am very conscientious about watering,
the plants are fed in BULK, I fertilize every thirty days (with the
exception of Dec-March), and I use the dreaded Nitrozyme hormonal spray
every 60-90 days.

Who knows...maybe they just like palm trees?

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