Utricularia Machorhiza lives in Kentucky ? By frittsmb@msn.com

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Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 06:20:33 PST

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Subject: Utricularia  Machorhiza  lives in Kentucky ? By frittsmb@msn.com

Hi Cp List
Utricularia Machorhiza and D. rotundifolia....

I was surfin and went to this place on the web
They list this under Endangered and threatend plants :( I would like
to find seed of this plant .
Will trade a nice plant for seed or plant . Also I heard that D.
rotundifolia grows in my state
I would like to go and see it and to plant seed were it grows so it will be
there so my son can see it too.

Its sad when these plants leave the wild due to people seeing these plants
as weeds
I hope someone has seen these plants in Ky . I do not plan to dig these
plants from my state I want preserve these plants here in Kentucky if I can
fine them ?
What has Been Lost ,,,, Never give UP the fight to save a plants Life!!!



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