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Hi CP'ers Carnivorous plants R COOL
Here's how we use Blackwater Extract to grow seeds :) Good for fish ? B2~
B6, B12
Nicotinic amide,panthenol, biotin and peat extract . " NEVER "use on venus
fly trps they hate it....

I put my soil in the oven to kill any bugs found in the soil ,then i used
Terta Black water Extract to add a low PH., i pour cold water not from the
tap ,over the soiI . We buy Reverse Osmosis water this helps.
  When the soil was just still hot i sprinkled seeds and put the pot in a
ziplock bag and kept lights on for three days I seen the sundew seeds
grow in less than a week . :0}

Try this on your Sarracenia seed do all the above~ then put in the
fridge for a month or two see how you may just may have more seeds come up
. Bonsai Grass make a cool ground cover and it never gets tall
i like it because it keeps soil some what on the damp side and its pretty
like me ..Laura
Good Growing
 :0) Thanks Tom Jonson only one pack seed has failed to grow so far it was
N ampullaria.
Laura Fritts

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