Re: On some artwork in The Savage Garden

Date: Sun Feb 14 1999 - 15:21:26 PST

Date: Sun, 14 Feb 1999 18:21:26 EST
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Subject: Re: On some artwork in The Savage Garden

Greetings folks, Peter here at California Carnivores!
     I've been away for a week due to a horrible case of what I believe to be
food poisoning, and am making a sloooow recovery. I felt like I had Rosemary's
Baby growing inside of me. Ugh.
  As I was catching up on my hundreds of emails, I noticed someone mentioned
something about the quality of certain photographs in The Savage Garden,
mentioning N. albomarginata and Heliamphora nutans among others. These are not
photographs, per se. They are a form of artistic rendering called color
transfers. I am not sure of the actual process, but a photographer, Sharon
Bergeron, who also has many photos in the book, took her own photographs and
produced these color transfers from them. I believe they are hand painted. We
then had Jonathan Chester, another photographer, take slides of them, and this
is what appeared in the book. So they are Jonathan's photographs of Sharon's
color transfers of her own photos! We sold for a while beautiful greeting
cards of Sharon's works, but they have all sold out.
If anyone out there can add further to the process of color transfers, perhaps
they can add to the discussion. The commentator (I'm sorry I can't recall who
made it) seemed not to like them, but perhaps he thought they were photographs
or slides.
     During my illness, I missed Drosera pauciflora blooming in the
greenhouse. I have not seen my plants bloom since the mid 1980s. Marilee
reports that only two visitors fainted.
      Th-th-th-th-th-that's all, folks! I think I'm going into labor!

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