Re: Darlintonia, The Piosonous Snake Lilium

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Date: Wed Feb 10 1999 - 15:14:16 PST

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Subject: Re: Darlintonia, The Piosonous Snake Lilium

     Place the seed in an envelope, immerse in water and freeze the whole
     lot for 36 hours. Sow the seed on live sphagnum and in about 2-4
     weeks you will have virtually complete germination. Place the pot in
     a sunny spot. and in a shallow tray of water. Clay pots are good for
     helping keep the soil/moss cool.
     Ross Rowe
     Canberra Australia

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For Cobra Lily experts,
     Robertivore again. I need seed germination tips for Darlingtonias.
Any mass quanities of info would be helpful.
Robert Simkunas II

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