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Date: Sun Feb 07 1999 - 03:21:05 PST

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Subject: Re: 3 Q's: gemmae, seedlings and hybrids

Dear Kevin Snively
                I can shed some light on the new book by the Australian author Tony
as it is in my collection. Be4 I go on, U can get copies through the
Australian Carnivorous Plant Society, if U are a member. Check their
website out on
                The book is 104 pages, A4 size, soft cover, & published by Kangaroo
Press, of the Viacom Company, in Sydney, New York, London, Toronto, Tokyo
& Singapore. It was on sale on the 10th of October, 1998, in my town of
Bowral, NSW.
                Tony is a member of the Victorian Carnivorous Plant Society, & I have
seen his listserve messages whilst viewing past listings, so he must be on
line. The book is very impressive, as it is chock full of A4 size &
smaller (100 2 be exact) colour photos of very good quality & clarity. The
book covers the following Genera:

1. Dionaea 2. Drosera 3. Byblis 4. Aldrovanda 5. Sarracenia 6.
Darlingtonia 7. Cephalotus 8. Nepenthes 9. Pinguicula 10. Utricularia
It also has a section on various cultivation methods, as well as pests &
diseases, societies, nurseries & a total liisting of known cp's. Well
worth adding 2 one's collection, as it presents very well & is a good
overview & introduction 2 cp's (It discusses the various Genera & gives
brief cultural directions).
                I hope that this will give U a better idea of the book.
                I wish U luck in
locating a copy or two.


Nathan Clemens

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