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Date: Tue Jan 05 1999 - 07:00:50 PST

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Subject: RE: Climate and species questions

> I am in Reno, Nevada, an area on the border of
> the whole continental U.S.?) So I guess my
> question is, what are the extremes that can be
> tolerated by the VFT? (Especially low temps.)

Mike, the temparature ranges you cited (20 - 100F) are no problem for a VFT.
I live in Durham, NC and my CPs spend all their time outside in pots. In
winter I keep them packed side by side with dirt, wood chips and leaves
around the pots to provide insulation. When I woke up this morning it was
16F outside -- well below average for us, but not unusual. Summertime temps
often top out in the high 90s. What would concern me in your situation is
humidity. CPs like high humidity and I believe they need it to tolerate heat
well. The humidity here in summer usually hits 100% at night and drops down
to 60% (?) during the day -- very different from your environment. Perhaps
another grower with dry climate experience can help you out with this.

Hope this helps
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