Re: ICPS conference

Date: Sun Apr 19 1998 - 18:49:03 PDT

Date:          Sun, 19 Apr 1998 18:49:03 
Message-Id: <aabcdefg1311$foo@default>
Subject:       Re: ICPS conference

Dear Steve and others,

> I sent off my form for the ICPS conference in Bonn
> and the money transfer completed a couple of weeks
> ago but I have not heard back yet. Should I have
> recieved some details yet? I am keen to get on and
> arrange flights etc. Is there anyone that I can email
> directly about the meeting?

You may contact me (Jan Schlauer
<>) directly. There was a list of
hotels in the registration form. We do not handle hotel reservations
or travel arrangements, so please contact hotels and travel agencies
directly. There were some details about the schedule and localities
at Bonn in the last issue of CPN. Please specify if you need further

Kind regards & CU at Bonn

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