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Hi All,
I just read that some of you have received Allen Lowrie's latest seed/plant
price list catalog. I guess if you have purchased seeds/plants in the past
year, Allen will send you his next years update free which brings me to my
This past year I purchased a lot of different Drosera and Sarracenia seeds
from Allen Lowrie. When they arrived after a week of travel, I planted the
Drosera right away and put the sarracenia under four months of cold storage
with other sarracenia seeds that I received from an individual here in the
United States. Both Allen's and the other Sarr seeds come out of cold storage
the same time and both sets of seeds were planted the same way using the same
type of soil and under the same growing conditions. As of this writing (9
months later) I have yet to see one of Allen's seeds germinate, not even the
Drosera seeds. The other batch of seeds that were sent to me from a fellow
CP'er did great. All his seeds germinated within three weeks of planting and
are now looking very strong. I don't know what went wrong with Allen's seeds,
but before I purchase anymore seeds from him, I would like to hear from
anyone who has had good results from Allen's seeds. Maybe someone can pass on
some good growing advice.

Charles Brewer