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Peter Miller (
Mon, 11 Dec 95 10:36:14 +1100 (EST)

>Date: Thu, 7 Dec 1995 10:00:48 -0800
>From: <>

> This past year I purchased a lot of different Drosera and Sarracenia seeds
>from Allen Lowrie. When they arrived after a week of travel, I planted the
>Drosera right away and put the sarracenia under four months of cold storage
>with other sarracenia seeds that I received from an individual here in the
>United States. Both Allen's and the other Sarr seeds come out of cold storage
>the same time and both sets of seeds were planted the same way using the same
>type of soil and under the same growing conditions. As of this writing (9
>months later) I have yet to see one of Allen's seeds germinate, not even the
>Drosera seeds. The other batch of seeds that were sent to me from a fellow
>CP'er did great. All his seeds germinated within three weeks of planting and
>are now looking very strong. I don't know what went wrong with Allen's seeds,
>but before I purchase anymore seeds from him, I would like to hear from
>anyone who has had good results from Allen's seeds. Maybe someone can pass on
>some good growing advice.

I'm kinda new to the CP field, but I have had almost exactly the same
experience with some seeds I obtained from Allen Lowrie. I also bought
Drosera and Sarracenia seeds, and even though I chose varieties that I read
were easy to grow, I also have had no germination. (I expected it in the
Sarrs and was intending to do a serious stratification over next winter) I
was surprised that the Droseras didn't emerge, but put it down to my lack
of experience ('specially since I read some mail here last week from
someone who apparently has Drosera sprouting wildly all over the place). I
also would like to hear from anyone who might be able to suggest where the
problem lies.

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