How hardy are Droseras?

Dr.E.J.Wilcox (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 14:24:35 GMT

I have grown a few carnivorous plants for a couple of years in an
unheated greenhouse where the winter temperatures often fall well
below zero centigrade. Last year a few plants came indoors but this
year many more will have to stay out in the cold. I grew several
species of drosera from seed including D.capensis, D.rotundifolia,
D.intermedia and D.filiformis.

Some of the D.capensis plants were brought indoors and they have
thrived this year seeding themselves almost everywhere even germinating
and growing on the ouside of clay plantpots kept in trays. The other
D.capensis were left in the unheated greenhouse and although I lost a
number and I thought I had lost them all many have grown again and
even flowered this year.

D.rotundifolia and D.intermedia were very small and "died down" during
the winter and have done the same again this year but at least I can
now see the resting buds. D.filiformis only germinated late in the
year and appeared late this year only growing leaves about 2cm long.

Would all of the plants grow much quicker like D.capensis if they were
brought into gentle heat for the winter? Other lager plants of D.aliceae
and D.binata died down but grew again. I am reluctant to try many others
as many seem to require at least a cool house but if anyone has any
suggestions I would be willing to try them particularly from seed.

Sarracenias and D.californica seem to be quite happy in the cold.


Ted Wilcox