Re: Introduction - parasites

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 30 Nov 1995 10:24:08 +0100

Dear Tim,

Welcome aboard!

>While in graduate school in the mid 70s, I managed to spend three summers
>in the field studing the flora of the southern Appalachians and SE coastal
>plains. Much of the time with Ritchie Bell or Lytton Mussellman. We were
>studying parasitic scrophs, but managed to see most of the cp sites as well.

Wow, another "parasite" on internet! Besides cps, I am also interested in
parasitic flowering plants. Here in Europe the parasitic Scrophulariaceae
are inter alia represented by the rather polymorphic genera _Pedicularis_,
_Rhinanthus_, _Melampyrum_, _Odontites_, and especially (very confusing)
_Euphrasia_, of which I have seen some species in the field. Are you still
in touch with R.BELL & L.MUSSELMAN?

If enough people are interested, perhaps a discussion mailing list
concerning parasitic plants could be organized. How about that?

Kind regards