N. eymae flowering

Tim Williams Ext. 5529 (tjw@chos001.cho.ge.com)
Wed, 29 Nov 95 16:33:50 EST

I have a female plant of N. eymae (infundibuliformis) beginning to flower.
Does anyone have pollen of this species?

I see from Jan's database that this plant has not been used in any hybrids.
Does anyone have pollen of plants that might make an interesting cross with
N. eymae?

For those not familiar with this plant, Peter D'Amato describes it in the
March & June 1993 CPN pg. 21. It has two very distinct and different pitcher
forms. The lower rosette pitchers are large with a wide peristome similiar
to N. fusca and N. maxima. The upper pitchers are small (1.5 inches dia.)
and funnel shaped with almost no lid. The upper pitcher is pictured on the
front of the Sept. 1993 CPN.

Tim Williams