Re: N. eymae flowering

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 30 Nov 95 17:26 EST

> From: tjw@CHOS001.CHO.GE.COM(Tim Williams Ext. 5529)
> I have a female plant of N. eymae (infundibuliformis) beginning to flower.
> Does anyone have pollen of this species?

> I see from Jan's database that this plant has not been used in any hybrids.
> Does anyone have pollen of plants that might make an interesting cross with
> N. eymae?
> Tim Williams

Hello Tim,

I saw that plant on Andreas W.'s web page, it is really fantastic!. I
would think any species with wide peristomes would make for a great
cross, but avoid N.maxima, a relative. N.veitchii or N.truncata would
by good parents. Infact, I've been looking for a cross between those
two. While just about all Nepenthes look cool, I hope see more hybrids
which accent the parent's traits. Alot of hybrids seem 'dulled' to me,
the special shapes and colors that make them the species they are have
been watered down.