Tim Williams Ext. 5529 (
Wed, 29 Nov 95 16:35:24 EST

Since I just posted my first question to the list server, I guess I should
introduce myself.

In order to feed my family, I design computer hardware for a large company
in central Virginia (Charlottesville). The rest of my time I spend either
working with plants or contra dancing. I have been growing cps and orchids
for the last 30 years, cactus for 35, and a wide variety of everything else.
The cp collection is small at present, but I just completed a greenhouse
and am ready to expand.

While in graduate school in the mid 70s, I managed to spend three summers
in the field studing the flora of the southern Appalachians and SE coastal
plains. Much of the time with Ritchie Bell or Lytton Mussellman. We were
studying parasitic scrophs, but managed to see most of the cp sites as well.

I am still quite active during the summer teaching and working on the flora
of Virginia. I know most of the piedmont and mountain bogs in Va., WVa.,
and Md. and am always ready to discover more.

Tim Williams