Re: Re: Mushrooms with my VFT

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 16 Nov 95 17:17 EST

> From: "Andreas Wistuba" <A.Wistuba@DKFZ-HEIDELBERG.DE>
> Not necessarily. There are also higher Fungi which destroy living
> Sphagnum. I had an infection in my greenhouse some years ago which,
> to make things worse, took place in winter. Within a few weeks all my
> potting media made up of Sphagnum turned into a slimy greyish mass
> and I had to repot almost all my plants within weeks.
> On all the pots were these neat mushrooms.....;-)
> Since that time I banned Sphagnum from my cultures.

Andreas, I've seen Sphagnum in my Nepenthes terrarium die by from
fungus the same way your's did, but I didn't get any mushrooms. This
was sereval months ago. Now, here and there I will see a mushroom
pop up; they are very, very thin stand about 3-5 inches tall and the
caps could only be about 3-4 mm wide. They have a mostly white with
a little gray color to them. They don't seem to be connected with
the Sphagnum: there is some still growing in there that started
growing after I sprayed the terrarium down with Maneb to stop the
first rot in July.

Could your mushrooms have just been growing at the same time as
killer fungus or maybe ever bacteria?

Dave Evans

P.S. I had just read in Discover (oct 95) that someone had
found over 5000 sexes in a single species of fungus. Woah! Just
imagine the talk shows you'd see if this rule was for animals as
well. ;)