Re: Re: Nep. highland seedling fertilization

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Mon, 13 Nov 1995 14:52:11 -0800

Very hard to grow varieties for one person could be very easy for another.
I don't think there is any that are very hard to grow some are slower than
others but it would depend on the growing conditions as to the rate of growth.
N. rajah was thought to be hard to grow but now that it is available in the
U.S. and elsewhere legally others have been able to try it out with very
good results. For example good results on lets say N. lowii from seed to a
plant with a leafspread of 8" or more can only take about 4 years. N.rajah
out of culture to a plant with a 6" leafspread will take less. Alot of the
material that is coming out of culture matures very fast compared to seed
grown plants. Truly,

Tom Kahl/Nepenthes Club