Re: Nep. highland seedling fertilization

Joachim Nerz (
Tue, 7 Nov 1995 22:02:15 +0100 (MEZ)

On Sat, 28 Oct 1995, Perry Malouf wrote:

> Here's a cultivation question for which I haven't yet been
> able to find an answer. I hope that the more experienced
> Nepenthes growers can lend some assistance. (You know
> who you are, Andreas W., Joachim N., Cliff D., Tom K., Ron G.,
> and others) :-)
> >From your experience, what is a successful fertilization
> technique for highland species Nepenthes seedlings growing
> in ultrabasic media and which do not yet have pitchers
> large enough to feed? The plants I am referring to are
> the classic NN. rajah, villosa, edwardsiana, burbidgeae.
Dear Perry,

it is not easy, to grow the mentioned highland Nepenthes from seedlings; the
most important thing, to get it to grow are very good conditions:

-good light
-constant, but cool temperatures (15-20 degree Celsius)
-good humidity, but NO wet conditions, because than they will rot!
-carefully repotting, without loss of roots

I think, you will get a feeling for good conditions for the seedlings;
e.g. when sphagnum is growing well and thick and you feel comfortable,
the conditions are quite well for the seedlings;
the most difficult steps are the first month; when they have reached the
stage, to develop at once much larger leaves, you nearly have got it;

I would not fertilize it; you will promote algal growth, which can kill
your tiny seedlings; maybe very slight fertilizing (Miracid 1/10) by
spraying (leave-fertilization) could help, but could be dangerous;

a friend of me (Matthias Schmidt) had good success with the very diffcult
N. villosa from seedling by feeding it with small Drosophila and tubifex;
he grew it in fish-tanks in cellar, not to wet, 15-20 degree Celsius with
2 usual white tubes (universal white); in the meantime it has reached
maybe 10 cm in diameter.

I hope, this will help you.
I wish you good success