Nep. highland seedling fertilization

Perry Malouf (
Sat, 28 Oct 1995 10:12:00 -0400

Here's a cultivation question for which I haven't yet been
able to find an answer. I hope that the more experienced
Nepenthes growers can lend some assistance. (You know
who you are, Andreas W., Joachim N., Cliff D., Tom K., Ron G.,
and others) :-)

>From your experience, what is a successful fertilization
technique for highland species Nepenthes seedlings growing
in ultrabasic media and which do not yet have pitchers
large enough to feed? The plants I am referring to are
the classic NN. rajah, villosa, edwardsiana, burbidgeae.

Some people in the U. S. now seem to be having great success
with N. rajah from tissue culture. What fertilization methods
did you use when the plants were still very tiny?

Thanks very much in advance, for your collective advice.

Perry Malouf