Re: Well, here goes again!

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Mon, 13 Nov 95 17:34 EST

> From: bosco@INTERACCESS.COM(Doug Bosco)
> Saracena Flava (along with a 'hitch-hiker: D. Capensis)
> S. Alata
> and a S. Hybrid - S. Leucoblasta & 'Okee Giant' (a rather small giant)
> Also:
> Drosera Nitruda
????????????????? what's that?????????
> Drosera Peltata
> I think they look like they are either dormant (excepting D. Peltata) or
> close to it.
> Since I live in an apartment in the Chicago Area and put them out on my
> deck, they would freeze solid, so I doubt that would be an option.

Doug, I would freeze them. I just got done w/ transplanting and
dividing the rhizomes this weekend and they were frozen this morning
as I left for work. However, it seems alot of people have problems
with freezing their Sarracenia and then the plants get freezer burn/
drying out. Leaving them by a cool/cold window is also good and that
won't kill your D.capensis like putting it outside would. D.peltata
would also die from that much cold. They should get cooler temps for
sure, so they can go/stay dormant.

Dave Evans