Well, here goes again!

Doug Bosco (bosco@interaccess.com)
Sun, 12 Nov 1995 23:59:08 -0600

I decided to give cp growing another shot (hopefully, third time is a charm)
and bought the following from California Carnivores:

Saracena Flava (along with a 'hitch-hiker: D. Capensis)
S. Alata
and a S. Hybrid - S. Leucoblasta & 'Okee Giant' (a rather small giant)


Drosera Nitruda
Drosera Peltata

I think they look like they are either dormant (excepting D. Peltata) or
close to it.

Since I live in an apartment in the Chicago Area and put them out on my
deck, they would freeze solid, so I doubt that would be an option.

Should I keep them close to the window to expose them to as cold a temp
as possible? Or should I not bother with trying to induce or keep dormancy?

Anyone have any answers as to how I should grow these critters?

Doug Bosco bosco@interaccess.com