Re: re: overwintering advice

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 02 Nov 95 20:42 EST

> From: L235@AOL.COM
> Somewhat disheartened at the lack of response to my query regarding
> overwintering for certain cp species:

Sorry! Your question is pretty broad and I doubt most people
can tell you all you need to know (I can't).

> >In terms of which to subject to the cold, the Sarracenias and VFTs
> >are easy,

Yes they are. That's why I grow them. Nepenthes are easy too, just
don't freeze them. The high-land types don't like it above 80 F for
very long. Low-land don't like it below 70 F for long. What type
is N. andrewsii?

> >Thanks in advance:
> >Heliamphora minor
> >Cephalotus follicularis
> >Drosera adelae
> >Drosera aliciae
> >Drosera binata T-form
Can take light frost +/-

> >Drosera capensis
Can take light frost +/-

> >Drosera intermedia x brevifolia
Should take freezing, but I haven't grown it myself. Does it
make a winter bud as the growing season ends? If so then
you can treat it like D.filiformis.

> >Drosera venusta
> >Nepenthes andrewsii
> >Pinguicula xscythos
> >Utricularia longifolia
> >Utricularia calycifida
> >Utricularia subulata
Look, if you can find a way to kill this one please let me know!

> Perhaps I should rephrase my query: The one kind personal response informed
> me that virtually all of the above (with the exception of U. Calycifida and
> Longifolia, and perhaps the Nepenthes). maybe a more telling question is ...
> if they all CAN survive at temps at 40 or so for the winter ... should they?
> Is it normal to observe a rest period with the tropical droserae? With
> Heliamphora and Cephalotus? Any advice would be most appreciated.

Well, I heard that it gets down into the 40's F every night where
Heliamphora grow... Would your plants like? That's hard to say.
It seems that there is a wide range of conditions different people
grow their plants in... Someone I spoke with recently, said that
a friend of his grew all his Nepenthes so that the stems layed across
the tops of the pots with the roots hanging off one side, in the
air, and the leaves growing off the other side.: __
/-----------\ |
/--- \ /--\
/ \-----------/ \ | |
//================================= \/__/
_//\ \ | | \ /--------------
/ //\ \ | | \/
| |\ | | \ pot / \______________
/| \ |\ | |
/ | | | | |
| / \ | |

The moral is, baby the plants you only one or a few of. When you have
extra then try to do new things with the plants.

Dave Evans