Re: Re: D. rotundifolia X D. intermedia

dave evans (T442119@RUTADMIN.RUTGERS.EDU)
Thu, 02 Nov 95 19:38 EST

> From: Peter Cole <carnivor@BUNYIP.DEMON.CO.UK>
> IME, D. anglica self-pollenates reliably, so the species can be
> readily distinguished from any similar hybrids after flowering.
> D. rotundifolia x intermedia (D. X beleziana,) is a considerably
> smaller plant than D. anglica, and is recognisable by the pigment
> in the leaf tissue as well as the tentacles (D. anglica has
> unpigmented lamina.) I find it a lot harder to distinguish this
> hybrid from intermedia (only slightly smaller and similar
> pigmentation,) which I also grow - it was a bit of a mistake to
> plant them all together in a large bowl outdoors, so now I can only
> be 100% sure when I come to collect the seed.

Hi Peter,

I've got some D.intermedia that has green lamina but most others do get
red all over. So far, I haven't even seen D.anglica in person, except
for one that came up in some peatmoss. A first I thought it was D.
intermedia but as it grew, I realized that it was a chance seedling,
it had fewer leaves than D.intermedia and the lamina was longer.
I don't remember the color of the lamina but I think it was green.
I lost the plant when it tried to go dormant half way though summer.

Dave Evans