re: overwintering advice
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 08:30:34 -0500

Somewhat disheartened at the lack of response to my query regarding
overwintering for certain cp species:

>For the first time in our new house in Northern Virginia, I will be
overwintering >plants in a 55-gal acrylic aquarium in our unheated garage
(temps down to a low >of about 40 inside last winter (20s or lower outside)

>In terms of which to subject to the cold, the Sarracenias and VFTs are easy,
but >I'm not sure how low to take some of my other plants. If anyone can shed
any >light (or heat) on whether I should chill the following varieties, I'd
appreciate any >wisdom, either personally ( or to the group. My
other winter >alternative is a basement rough-in fitted with florescent grow
lights and plastic >sheeting .... 75 or so during the day, low 70s to high
60s at night, although I can >rig to go slightly colder if need be maybe a
high of 70 during the day and low to >mid 60s at night)

>Thanks in advance:

>Heliamphora minor
>Cephalotus follicularis
>Drosera adelae
>Drosera aliciae
>Drosera binata T-form
>Drosera capensis
>Drosera intermedia x brevifolia
>Drosera venusta
>Nepenthes andrewsii
>Pinguicula xscythos
>Utricularia longifolia
>Utricularia calycifida
>Utricularia subulata

Perhaps I should rephrase my query: The one kind personal response informed
me that virtually all of the above (with the exception of U. Calycifida and
Longifolia, and perhaps the Nepenthes). maybe a more telling question is ...
if they all CAN survive at temps at 40 or so for the winter ... should they?
Is it normal to observe a rest period with the tropical droserae? With
Heliamphora and Cephalotus? Any advice would be most appreciated.

Jay Lechtman