Jean Dewitte (
Wed, 01 Nov 95 15:16:00 GMT

Dottore Schlauer wrote some time ago (sorry, but I am slow in responding)
about the differences between "true n. steno" and probably fallax. Jan, I am
sorry but as a chemical engineer you lost me when the language goes in
botanical detail. I have seen "n. steno" on a couple of locations (Bareo,
possibly Gunung Murud, Mulu) and the only doubt I have is about the plants
growing on G. Api in Mulu which look totally different. If I read you correct
the main difference is the shape of the lid?Re n. fusca, although the original
description came from Kalimantan, I have not seen any pictures from that
location. And what is now called n. fusca (Kinnabalu, Tambunan road and Copper
Mine) is very different from plants on Murud. (I also think that Murud is
underrated as location). So maybe the species needs a bit of revision.Regards,
John De Witte