Re: steno-fallax

Jan Schlauer (
Thu, 2 Nov 1995 11:43:11 +0100

Dear John,

>(...) If I read you correct the main difference is the shape of the lid?

At least this difference is easy to observe (and thus used by most authors).

>Re n. fusca, although the original description came from Kalimantan, I
>have not seen any pictures from that location.

The picture (drawing) in DANSER was prepared after the original material
from G.Kemul (L!, BO).

>And what is now called n. fusca (Kinnabalu, Tambunan road and Copper
>Mine) is very different from plants on Murud. (I also think that Murud is
>underrated as location). So maybe the species needs a bit of revision.

I fear the matter is not that simple! ADAM & WILCOCK have added the species
_N.faizaliana_ to this complex, hybrids do almost certainly occur, and it
is still not clear if _N.maxima_ does exist in N Borneo (OK, they are all
in some way related to _N.maxima_ but does the true species occur there?).
So just a "bit of revision" will probably not be sufficient.

Kind regards