Re: D. rotundifolia X D. intermedia

Michael.Chamberland (23274MJC@MSU.EDU)
Wed, 01 Nov 95 23:11 EST

> David Butler wrote about a field trip he took to the NJ Pine Barrens where h
> discovered the plants in CPN I think in one of the 1985 volumes or so, I wil
> have to look it up. In the meanwhile, I visited the site and found a few
> more. It seems this hybrid is very common (we found it all over the place),
> and it is very easy to pick out. Its sheer size is very impressive. We foun
> plants with 4-5 inches in diameter! They were absolutly huge!
> Christoph

Thanks, I have that issue (Vol 14, # 1, March 1985). I think I have
found D. rotundifolia X D. intermedia here in Michigan. However, I am not
sure how to differentiate this hybrid from D. X anglica (D. rotundifolia X
D. linearis). To make matters worse, Schnell indicates that D. rotundifolia X
D. anglica plants exist (D. X obovata). The latter is confusing, since I
thought fertile D. anglica was an amphidiploid? Perhaps D. rotundifolia
manifests several ploidy levels?

Michael Chamberland