RE: Sick Cephalotus
Thu, 26 Oct 1995 08:10:11 +0930


> Everthings going well over here in Australia, but I'm having
>troulbe with one of my Cephalotus. Its pitchers, although not
>completely dead, have shrunken and shrivelled.
>I have had it for two years in a four ince "Squat" pot, sitting
>in about 1 to 1.5 cm's of water. I am getting a little worried,
>because it is the oldest Ceph I have. It is in a mainly Peat
>based mix, and is slow growing compared to my other Ceph. It
>only produces 2 new pitchers a season. Any Ideas?

>From my experience the bigger the pot the better and considering
that most native Australian plants have well developed roots to
go deep for their water, I would use a full size rather than a
squat pot. Normally when water is scarce the lid closes on the
pitcher to conserve moisture but when they strat to shrivell that
normally means the pitchers are on the way out. I think I'd repot
it and check to make sure the roots aren't rotting.